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Collecting Your Camper

Camper Collection

Collection day is an exciting time, over the past 5 years 95% of collections have gone off smoothly, this leaves 5% of collections that have ranged from slightly problematic to disastrous – We thought we’d provide some tips to ensure your collection is successful.

Vehicle Check
Ensure your vehicle has a tow bar fitted (yes we’re serious, collection clients have arrived with no tow bar)

Ensure your vehicles electrical plug type matches our trailers, if you need a different plug type just let us know when ordering your camper and we can manufacture your new trailer to suit your vehicle. Our standard fitting is a 7 pin large round plug wired to 5 pin (this is the quasi South Australian standard)

Ensure you have a 50mm ball fitted to your tow bar, if your new trailer has been ordered with a polyblock coupling please remove this ball at home prior to collection as they often rust into place. Removing a rusted on ball is far better done at home before you collect rather than in a panic out in the street in front of our warehouse.

Please check to make sure you have a shackle” fitted to your tow bar, we used to keep these on had for “emergency” situations to help clients out – after we gave out 200 of them we decided we couldn’t afford to hand them out anymore. We now supply Shackles @ $5.00 each where required

Finance Check
If paying in cash esure you have counted your “cash” prior to arrival, nothing worse than being $50 short and having to drive home or to an ATM.

If paying by EFTPOS, ensure your daily CARD limit is sufficient to cover the cost of the transaction. While you may have sufficient funds available many financial institutions limit daily card limits to $1000 or $2000.

If paying via Visa or Mastercard ensure you are familiar with any additional charges which will apply

If paying via direct deposit to our account, please ensure you have allowed enough time for your funds to clear in our account. Once funds leave your account it can take 1-2 working days for funds to reach our account (even longer if you bank with a Credit Union), please telephone us on: 0431 047 627 to check funds have cleared prior to collecting.

Please note that we do not accept cheques on collection, if you wish to pay via cheque (including bank cheque) the cheque must be presented to us or our bank no less than 7 days before collection is due, Campers can only be released once funds have cleared.  Many people do not realise that even Bank Cheques generally take 3-4 working days to clear.

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